Pope Francis’s Instagram Account Caught Liking Another Model’s Photo

Pope Francis’s Instagram Account Caught Liking Another Model’s Photo

It seems that the Instagram account of Pope Francis has been captured with a like or a photo of a model with little clothes, in the mystery of how it happened, it continues to unfold.

It remains to be seen why the praise for self-proclaimed “tiddy queen” Margot Foxx, who produced sassy content for OnlyFans, was featured prominently at this holiest time of year.

the @franciscus account, which has over 7.4 million followers, does not actually follow any other account. Not even the official account of Jesus Christ Superstar. It should be clear that those responsible for the Pope Francis account should type in Foxx’s name in the search bar there was, that or her account was a suggested successor to the Pope. On the other hand, it could be Photoshop.

A screenshot of something like that – attributed to a photo he met Foxx and a tight black bathing suit – started and read speeches to circulate on social media, I met an astonished Foxx who tweeted, “hey that’s me.”

This is not the first time the account has liked an Instagram photo of a model. Last month, the Holy See allegedly asked Instagram to open an investigation after the account “liked” a photo of the Brazilian model on the broadcaster Natalia Garibotto.

Garibotto’s management company, COY Co., noted that she had “received the OFFICIAL BLESSING OF THE POPE,” while Garibotto took advantage of this unexpected publicity to get more registrations.

In a later post, the model wrote:

The same day that I was blessed, you could be too. Engaging content, social media following, [from] the ability to chat directly with me, monthly giveaways of cash prizes, autographed Polaroids and much more.

Since November 14, after it became clear that something like this had not gone unnoticed, the photo in question was no longer loved by the official account.

However, screenshots of the unlikely interaction with people of all faiths who responded to the “blessing” were still shared in a mix of amusement and confusion.

In. On November 18, the Holy See news agency told the Catholic News Agency (CNA):

We can rule out the ‘like’ coming from the Holy See, which went to Instagram for an explanation.

Of course, Pope Francis does not manage his own social media accounts and has a team that oversees them for him.

At the time of writing, it is clear which devices are used to keep their popular accounts up to date, and whether those who monitor them use the same devices to access personal social media accounts.

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