Dog Strolls Into Police Station To Report Himself Missing

Dog Strolls Into Police Station To ‘Report Himself Missing’
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While all dogs are great dogs, there is one dog in particular who has recently taken his best behavior to the next level.

A night at the Odessa Police Department took interesting turn when an unexpected visitor walked through the doors.

His name, Chico, a very intelligent and friendly dog ​​who is apparently trying to report him missing to the Texas Police Department.

You may not have missed it at all, but you are asking about open K9 positions in the force. The handsome stranger didn’t have much to say, but he was very happy to entertain the officers on duty with some search games in the station lobby as they tried to solve the case.

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Sergeant Rusty Martin was one of the officers who was fortunate enough to meet Chico, who reports that the carefree puppy did not seem very taken aback by his disappearance.

“We were all delighted to have her in the building.” We had a tennis ball and threw it into the lobby for a while. Everyone loved him, ”he told Dodo.

After the initial excitement faded, officers tried to figure out where Chico was coming from. He was wearing a collar at the time, but unfortunately the ID tag was off, so Animal Control was quick to come over and check it for a microchip.

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However, before his arrival, things changed. Boy wasn’t hanging around, he decided he had had enough fun for one night and decided to go home alone.

“He received a lot of care until he decided it was time to leave.” We are relieved to learn that it has returned safely to its owner. Chico is welcome at any time, ”the officers said in a Facebook post.

Fortunately, the next day, Chico was safely reunited with his human father, but not before making new friends in the police force. Sergeant Rusty Martin said Chico would be welcome at any time.

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